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ECO Story

We identified a growing issue of environmental waste in Lyon County, the city of Marshall, and its surrounding areas. 

Lyon County has 22% of food waste and other byproducts from local industries such as paper waste, cardboard, manure, and sawdust that are thrown away.  

Byproducts that decompose with nonreusable waste negatively impact soil, water, and air quality by releasing toxins into our environment. 

Our ECO Team initiated a needs assessment by having discussions and collecting data focused on waste concerns of local business owners, government officials, and community members. 

We discovered composting is the desired solution to address reusable waste in our community. This would preserve our environment while also directly contributing to positive changes in our local industries. 

By partnering with SMSU’s Agronomy Department, we developed an evidence-based approach to composting that is safe and effective. We tested proper green to brown ratios, finding the most efficient way to break down materials while creating a product that best protects and nourishes the soil. Then we started collecting materials.

The ECO team is using grassroots efforts to solve reusable waste with an environmentally based solution, allowing our community to flourish for generations to come. We have raised the alarm for sustainable change that was answered by a community that is DARING to make an impact. 

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